OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Recognize various habitats and the animals living in them
• Interpret drawings of animals into dimensional characters and put them in their habitat
• Work cooperatively with other students

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Think creatively, about their dreams for themselves and their admiration for others
• Showcase their writing
• Follow step-by-step instructions and use fine motor skills

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Identify the names of the various coins
• See the difference in size and surfaces among the coins
• Know the values of the coins and their relationships to one another
• Add and subtract money and start making change

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Primary colors to get secondary colors
• Unequal amounts of primary colors to get intermediate colors
• Tints and shades of all twelve colors by adding white or black

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Recognize the difference in appearance between urban, suburban and rural communities
• Understand that there are different types of homes, jobs, schools and lifestyles within each
• Discuss how the type of community affects the lives of the people in them