OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Identify the marks on a ruler: inch, 1/2″ and 1/4″ increments
• Recognize the written numerals and fractions
• Measure the length of something and connect it with the written measurement

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Understand how the Earth blocks the sun, creating a certain amount of shadow on the moon
• Understand that the shadow amount is measured in moon phases, which have been identified and named
• Recognize the moon phases

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Understand the difference between 2-Dimensional shape and 3-Dimensional form
• Recognize and name the basic forms: Cube, cylinder, cone and sphere
• Work in a group to create a unique way that the forms can be combined into a sculpture

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Organize thoughts into sentences on the same topics
• Think creatively, about how sentences combine to make a paragraph
• Apply the guidelines to their own writing

OBJECTIVES Students learn to:
• Understand why the people who set up the U.S. government created three separate branches
• Know the three branches
• Know the general hierarchy within the branches